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Countess Constance Wachtmeister

Countess Constance Wachtmeister was an English lady who married a Swedish Count and became an active Theosophist and close associate of H P Blavatsky.

She wrote the work “Reminiscences of H.P. Blavatsky” and “The Secret Doctrine” and narrates in this book that she joined the T.S. in 1881. In May, 1884, when inParis, she received a letter from H.P.B. inviting the Countess to visit her. The Countess accepted the invitation and took the train from Paris to Enghien, where she met W.Q. Judge and H.P. Blavatsky. On May 10, H.P.B. invited the Countess to travel to Paris with her, and they made the trip together. In the autumn of 1885, the Countess offered to stay with H.P.B. in Wurzburg, Germany – during the period that H.P.B. was writing “The Secret Doctrine”. In her book, the Countess narrates how she assisted H.P.B.

The Countess became H P Blavatsky’s guardian angel, domestically speaking, during the years of the composition of The Secret Doctrine in Germany and Belgium, has printed her account of a number of extraordinary occurrences of the period. She speaks of a succession of raps in H.P.B.’s sleeping room when there was special need of her Guardians’ care. She also tells of the thrice-relighted lamp at the sleeper’s bedside, she herself having twice extinguished it. She tells of her receiving a letter from the Master, inside the store-wrapper of a bar of soap which she had just purchased at a local shop.

 It was under the Countess Wachtmeister’s notice that there occurred the last of Madame Blavatsky’s “miraculous” restorations to health. She had suffered for years from a dropsical or renal affection, which in those latter days had progressed to such an alarming stage that her highly competent physicians at one crisis were convinced that she could not survive a certain night. The great work she was writing was far from completed; the Countess was heart-broken to think that, after all, that heroic career was to be cut off just before the consummation of its labors for humanity; and she spent the night in grief and despair. Arising in the morning she found Madame at her desk, busy as before at her task. She had been revivified and restored during the night, and would not say how.