International Theosophical meeting center


Hotel Ascona hosts small groups of members or indivituals of the theosophical society ADYAR and beginners with vegetarian full board or simply spiritual travellers who looks for a peace.

The hotel is near the splendid location of mythical HILL OF THE TRUTH where beginning of 1900 was founded one of the first vegetarian colony. There is also free at our disposal a seminar center with all the modern facilities for conferences.

The theosophical seat is located at and enjoys the presence of the Luigi Pericles Archive. A period of retreat at the archive allows the study of the Theosophist artist Luigi Pericle and his vast esoteric library.
Your stay in Ascona could also focus on the study of the spiritual in art and theosophical history of Ascona and we will personally assist you. Please refer to these pages before contacting us : and…/theosophical-origins-of-monte…/.
After consulting the site, send a request to (ask for a special price for Theosophists) to organise your stay in Ascona at Feel free to share this message to your members. 😉

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